Welcome to Snap Great Photos!

The place for online and in-person photography education.

At Snap Great Photos, we strive to provide photography education that inspires you to approach photography as a an ongoing opportunity to learn and grow.  We provide tools that allow you to continue learning on your own both through our free online blog and through workshop lessons that include techniques to teach yourself.

For upcoming workshops, check our Workshop Schedule page.  We are located in Chattanooga, TN, but offer some workshops in other locations.  If you’d like more information about our workshops or are interested in bringing a workshop to a group, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Photography for Beginners

More info and registration here.

This course is designed to get the budding photographer started on their own photography journey by covering:

  • Understanding what shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are and how they work together.
  • Using automatic settings on your camera to understand what the camera is choosing for you in different photography genres (landscape, action, portraits, etc)
  • Understanding your light meter and what that means when your camera chooses your exposure settings for you.
  • How to interpret what your camera is doing and learn from it after the workshop is over.
  • Taking semi-manual control to get better results.
  • Compositional “Rules” that can help take your photographs to the next level.

Raptography: Advanced and Beginner Workshops

Raptors+Photography=Raptography. Wildlife photography education opportunities with unreleaseable birds of prey. If you’ve never touched an owl, held a hawk, or played with a vulture, one of our workshops may be a life-changing experience. Learn techniques to improve your wildlife photography and practice with a collection of models. Check out our galleries and workshop details on our Raptography page.

Coming Soon!  Advanced Workshops for Specific Skills

Learning to Pan
Landscape Photography at Night with Off-Camera Flash
Slow Shutter:  Using a slow shutter to capture motion


Free iPhoneography lessons inspired by my best friend, Gina.  These lessons are made available online from the index of topics here.  A chronological list of lessons appears below.

Lesson 1: There are no rules
Lesson 2: The Rule of Thirds
Lesson 3: Fill the Frame
Lesson 4: Focus
Lesson 5: Exposure
Lesson 6: Hold the Phone
Lesson 7: Keep it Level
Lesson 8: Separating Focus from Exposure
Lesson 9: Combining Two Exposures
Lesson 10: Taking Stock
Lesson 11: The Rule of Symmetry
Lesson 12: Awesomization
Lesson 13: Getting Hip
Lesson 14: Another Way to Be Hip
Lesson 15: Vantage Point
Lesson 16: Outdoor Light
Lesson 17: Choosing a Vantage Point for Lighting
Lesson 18: When the Light is Out of Control
Lesson 19: Keep It Clean
Lesson 20: Using Filters in Pro HDR
Lesson 21: Filters and Photos From Your Library
Lesson 22: People and Landmarks
Lesson 23: Inclusion and Exclusion
Lesson 24: Using Hipstamatic to Include and Exclude
Lesson 25:  Surprise!  It’s Telephoto
Lesson 26:  The iPhone and Wildlife
Lesson 27: The Wide, Wide World
Lesson 28: Power Rules
Lesson 29: Hipsta-Classic
Lesson 30: Awesomely Hip Portraits
Lesson 31: Blur and Flash
Lesson 32: Fast Camera
Lesson 33: How Far Can You Flash?
Lesson 34: When You’ve Got the Shakes
Lesson 35: Do the Time Warp
Lesson 36: Creating Space
Lesson 37:  Small Subjects
Lesson 38: Wide Views
Lesson 39: 2X
Lesson 40: The Morning After
Lesson 41:  iPhortraits
Lesson 42:  New and Improved
Lesson 43:  Patterns
Lesson 44:  Fisheyes
Lesson 45:  Post Processing or Photo Manipulation?
Lesson 46:  Flower Power
Lesson 47: Blooming Snapseed
Lesson 48:  Deciding When to Upgrade
Lesson 49:  The One True Rule
Lesson 50:  The Rule of Holding Still
Lesson 51:  The Rule of Focus
Lesson 52:  The Rule of Thirds Revisited
Lesson 53:  The Rule of Filling the Frame
Lesson 54:  Revisiting the Rule of Symmetry
Lesson 55:  The Rule of Leading Lines
Lesson 56: The Rule of Opportunity
Lesson 57: The Rule of Going Vertical
Lesson 58:  The Rule of Getting Close
Lesson 59: Quick iPhone Photo Sharing Tip
Lesson 60: The iPhone 5S
Lesson 61: The Rule of Light
 Lesson 62:  The Rule of Telling a Story
Lesson 63:  Photo Makeover
Lesson 64:  Photo Makeover Landscape Style
Lesson 65:  Sunset Makeover
Lesson 66:  Pink Clouds, HDR, and the iPhone 5S
Lesson 67:  The Rule of Golden Light
Lesson 68:  Panoramic Upgrade
Lesson 69:  The Rule of Protecting Your Gear
Lesson 70:  The Rule of Post-Processing
Lesson 71:  4S-5S Face-off at Sunrise
Lesson 72:  4S-5S HDR Showdown
Lesson 73:  The Rule of HDR
Lesson 74:  The Range of HDR
Lesson 75:  HDR Adjusted
Lesson 76:  PhotoForge Levels
Lesson 77:  Paper Camera
Lesson 78:  Make a Sketch
Lesson 79:  Start with a Photo, End with a Sketch
Lesson 80:  Many Effects
Lesson 81:  Tadaa!
Lesson 82:  Halloween Tadaa
Lesson 83:  Metadata
Lesson 84:  iPhoto Mobile Editing
Lesson 85:  iPhoto Con Tours
Lesson 86:  My Silly Dog and the iPhoto Exposure Tool
Lesson 87:  Adding Drama in iPhoto iOS
Lesson 88:  Hip Heads
Lesson 89:  Retromatic Wallpaper
Lesson 90:  Slow Shutter
Lesson 91:  Use a Tripod
Lesson 92:  Heavenly Bodies
Lesson 93: Old Places, New Dressing
Lesson 94: Choices, Choices
Lesson 95:  A Change of Perspective
Lesson 96:  iPhoto Mobile and Sepia
Lesson 98:  Comparison of Apps at Night
Lesson 99:  Christmas Eve and the iPhone
Lesson 100:  Hipstamatic on Ice with iPhoto on the Side
Lesson 101:  Slow Shutter App and a Highway Bridge

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