Lesson 69: The Rule of Protecting Your Gear

In Lesson 19, we talked about cleaning the iPhone lens and your case to make sure you get the clearest photos possible.  In that lesson, I showed the LifeProof case I use with my iPhone 4S, which effectively protected my iPhone 4S from drops, dunks in the river, and miscellaneous abuses for 2 years.

Unfortunately, the new LifeProof case for the iPhone 5S is not yet available.  Instead of buying a case to use temporarily, I thought I could wait it out for the LifeProof case.  As it turned out, I was wrong.  I did one of those moves where I pulled my phone out of my back pocket, lost my grip on it, juggled it back and forth for at least three passes in a desperate attempt to save it, and then it landed face-down on rough pavers, shattering the screen.  The good news is that the camera still works.  The bad news is that I keep getting splinters of glass in my finger tips when I try to use it.

So, for those of you planning to upgrade your iPhone, I thought I would share something I fortunately learned before I ordered my 5S:  AppleCare+, the extra warranty you can purchase with your iPhone (and other Apple products)–now includes coverage for 2 accidental damage incidents in 2 years.  There is a fee for the repair/replacement, but just one breakage more than makes up for the cost of the protection plan and the fee.  Supposedly, they started this when the 4S was introduced, but when I bought my 4S, I was told AppleCare+ did not include accidental damage.  Oh well.

So, to recap, get a case.  Preferably one that will help prevent screen breakage, but some protection is better than no protection.  Second, consider buying AppleCare+ when you get a new phone.  Finally, take juggling lessons.

Your Assignment:  Assess your current damage risk.  Have you dropped your phone and not gotten it repaired?  Is there a risk that your camera will not work when you need it?  Are you upgrading soon?  Consider your own history of accidents.  Are you good at protecting your iPhone?  Are there others in your life who use your iPhone who might not be so good at keeping it safe?  Consider whether you need to upgrade your current case even if you aren’t upgrading your phone.


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