Lesson 21: Filters and Photos From Your Library

Yesterday we learned how to use filters in the Pro HDR app (this link will take you to an even earlier lesson where we originally downloaded the app).  But besides being able to apply filters to photos you took using the Pro HDR app, you can also import photos from your library in to the app as well.  To import a photo from your library to apply a filter, follow these steps (click to enlarge):

Crazy HDR Filters.002

To apply a filter, the steps are the same as if you had just taken the photo:

Crazy HDR Filters.003

To adjust the photo with the filter applied and save (click to enlarge): Crazy HDR Filters.004


You may remember the original image in this example from several posts back.  I created it using the Camera Awesome app.  I saved it to my Camera Roll, so I was able to import it into Pro HDR.  This means I can apply my favorite effects from different apps to the same photo.  The possibilities are endless.

Your Assignment:  Open the Pro HDR app and go through the steps to import a photo from your library.  Try picking a photo that you created using effects in Camera Awesome in the earlier lesson.  You might also try importing an original version of the same photo to compare the accumulative effect vs just the Pro HDR filter by itself.  Did you discover any particularly great combinations?  Are you seen a loss of fidelity in the image when you edit an image that was already heavily edited?

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