Lesson 1: There are no rules

I am going to share a lot of “rules” with you as we go through some basics that will help you grab photos with more impact using your iPhone.  Before I do that, I just want to be clear that rules aren’t really rules.  You aren’t a bad person or even a bad photographer if you break the rules.  In fact, many of the most iconic photos break several “rules,” so it’s a good thing.  The trick is knowing that you broke the rules and knowing why.  Knowing what choices you can make gives you the power to make them.  That’s what “rules” are really for–helping you get a handle on all the choices.  So, the first lesson in photography is that rules are only rules when they’re helpful.

Your assignment:  pick a handful of favorite photos and take a look at them.  Imagine they were taken by someone else.  Imagine you didn’t know anything about the people, places, or things in the images.  Would you want to hang them on the wall?  Why or why not?

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