Lesson 59: Quick iPhone Photo Sharing Tip

You’ve probably figured out how to send someone a photo from your iPhone.  Hopefully, you’ve figured out how to send several photos, too.  But there is a less-known tip for attaching photos to an existing email.

I often found myself replying to an email, writing a fairly long response (for an iPhone keyboard), and then deciding to attach a photo, which usually led to a lot of cursing.  I confess, it took me until I was on my iPhone 4S before I figured out how to do it–and boy was I excited when I did!

Here’s what you do.  You’re in your email, writing away.  Then, you decide to attach a bunch of photos.  So, double-click the home button to get to your open apps or single click to return to your home screen if your Photos app isn’t already open.  Next, choose the album where your photos are and click the “Select” option in the upper right corner:

Tap on each photo you want to attach; a check mark appears when it’s selected:

Now, tap the little box with the arrow in the lower-left corner.  A bunch of choices appear.  Normally, you would select “Mail,” but if you do that, it will create a brand new email instead of adding the photos to the email you just wrote.  Instead, pick the “copy” button

Double-click the home button to go back to the email you were writing.  Place your finger on the email until you get a pop-up that includes the “Paste” option and touch “Paste.”  The iPhone pastes all the photos you selected into the email you were writing.

The photos you selected will be attached to the email you were writing:

Finally, when you send the email, you’ll be prompted to pick what size photos you want to send.  You can choose what size makes sense based on who you’re sending to, why you’re sending it, and whether space and/or bandwidth is a consideration or not:

Your Assignment:  Write an email to yourself, but before you send it, attach several photos to it.  Send it to make sure you get the photos.  Will this come in handy?